Friday, May 21, 2010

Two Bite Brownies

I made these lovely two bite treats from going by a fudgy brownie recipe that I found on a wonderful blog that I follow called  Jenn's Baking Chamber, and I recommend any readers to check it out.Jenn has wonderful recipes that Ive tried out multiple times in the past.As you can see these are not the original looking brownies Jenn made because I used mini muffin pans with liners for a smaller sized brownie.I also made a lovely milk chocolate glaze for the topping along with some colorful sprinkles.

These have a delightedly crunchy top with a chewy, fudgy and moist interior.Its  has a dark chocolate flavor from the cocoa and has a wonderfully milky chocolate flavor from the glaze.The aroma of chocolate brownies is definitely the key of attracting and seducing you to grab one and devour it.In my opinion I really think the mini muffin shape and size really brought a real new attraction to cuteness for this brownie recipe.Also it seems to give the illusion that everyone is eating less because their smaller.This brownie and all the other brownie recipes in the world are mostly really simple to make and definitely delicious to eat. So have fun with your baking.

What I Did In The Recipe:
  • Line mini muffin tins and placed about 1 tbsp of brownie batter and baked them till they puff up and came clean from a toothpick.
Made a chocolate glaze:( 1/4 cup of heavy whipping cream and 1 cup milk chocolate chips)
  • Med pot, pour whipping cream in pot, med heat,simmer, once cream is hot, remove from element and place on counter.Add chocolate chips and whisk till smooth and thick. Dip the tops of the cooled mini muffin shaped brownies and add some sprinkle to the top,continue till they are all done. Place in fridge for glaze to harden.

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  1. Brownies! You know once I tell Nate, Mathew and Caleb that you made brownies we are all going to be comimg over to try em out :D


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