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The Fun In Shopping

I went to town today and found Always infinity pads at Wal-mart Super store, priced at $4.98. I used my free coupon for the new product, however it wasn't 100% free because I had to pay 25 cents in GST. That is actually the first time I've had to pay tax using a free coupon, but I guess its because all the other things were food items. I don't know, maybe if I had a different cashier they would of let it go. Oh well,25 cents is way better then paying full price of over five dollars. The coupon was well worth it though because I wouldn't of bought this product with out it, in sense of the price,amount and never have used it before.Anyways this is what these freebie coupons are all about. To get consumers to try a product they might of never thought to use or buy.

I haven't yet tried the always infinity, so I have no full opinion on it yet. From what they have told they are really soft, non stop absorbency for 8 hours and flexes to fit you.Well will see if they keep up there bargain with their box of 18 pads.The Always infinity product that I chose was the regular flow type, but their is also heavy and overnight. The pads for regular are pretty thin,which is perfectly fine because some pads can be pretty bulky. I don't know right now If I would pay full price of 5 dollars for 18 pads while their are other brands with more.All I know is products always look bigger in online pictures then what you see in stores. Good market advertising, I guess :).

I also went to the Canadian Superstore to look for swimsuits for these summer month, no luck in that department;however I got to replace my sunglasses that broke right in half last year with a great pair from Joe.They actually have a pretty nice selection of shades that I liked more then the larger section at Wal-mart. I just got simple black shades with a bit of purple color in the lenses.I'm really into big summer sun glasses so I had to get them big and I guess that all started when it became a big fad when celebrities were wearing them.They are really comfy and stylish as well.
However the highlight of the night was using my Buy One Get One Free Ice cream for Cold Stone Creamery at Tim Horton's. My mom and me used this coupon.I got an Oreo overload and she got Berry Berry Berry Good, that was an intended pun since that's what its really called. The Oreo ice cream medium was piled up and was super good with chocolate chips,vanilla cream, fudge syrup and Oreo cookie.We both agreed the serving was quite fulling  and I don't know I could ever do a large serving lol.I so know that I will definitely go back since I grabbed more coupons from their counter for buy one get one free for small and fir medium.
I'll have to plan a hangout with Dave and Krysta before Thursday to get this delicious ice cream. My treat guys!Plus I want to try that Cheesecake Fantasy ice cream.Sounds Yummy!Hopefully these plans don't spoil.Only got till July 28th till this coupon is over. If anyone wants to get this coupon. You will find it any Tim Horton's with a Cold Stone creamery. Also you might find it on Free Samples Canada. Just have to look for it in their categories. I found it on there as a printable coupon.Good luck!

Anyways check back, I'm working on a review!

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