Thursday, July 28, 2011

Its Nothing, But Great Surprises In The Mail

I received some recent goodies in the mail :).I got one of my giveaway wins, which is a lovely lavender flower headband from Valerie Jordan. She has a wonderful Etsy shop at bloempjes ,where she makes colorful fabric flowers.They are so well made and she even offers, design it yourself flowers. You can choose color, type, center piece and backing. I chose a lavender modern flower, cluster of pearls as a center piece and all attached to a headband.I am so happy with my choice and it is now my favorite summer accessory.Thank you Valarie!. 

Also,at Valarie's store you can get 20% off an order by using the coupon code, LUCKY20. Trust me the code will work, she told me herself :). Go check out her etsy shop, you wont be disappointed. Thanks again Val! The packaging was adorable and I will certainly enjoy the flower :). It reminds me of something a Hollywood actress would wear in the1920 or 1940 with a fancy gown. I love vintage looking items, especially accessories :).
For another goodie. I received a sample of  15 removable label pads from Avery. 5 orange, 5 white and 5 lime green.These are very useful little things and can be used to label anything. For example they say these are ideal for using on documents, storage bins, glass jars and more. I think I'll be using them on jars, boxes,storage bins and for note reminders.Its a small freebie,but might as well take advantage of trying them out. I think I'll be able to find them useful towards baking. Maybe label a box that can be used to travel baked treats.

For the last goodie, I got a freebie recipe book from Gooseberry Patch called Fall Favorites with Sun-Maid Raisins and Dried Fruit.I think this is in the top list of awesome samples because I can reuse it and keep it .It's a 30 recipe booklet of breakfast items to desserts.I was actually surprised and excited it had that many recipes for a freebie.Great job to everyone involved in that sample.This book is really cute and reminds me a lot of an old fashion cookbook, especially the drawings and little notes. I'm excited to try out some of the food and share my findings.

Till we meet again lol :)


  1. Great goodies!!! I love the old fashioned style cookbooks. There is something endearing about them! ~Val

  2. I'm so glad you're happy with the flower! Thanks for mentioning me & my little shop :)


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