Friday, July 22, 2011

New Doodles And Freebie Coupon

 My awesome friend Krysta recently created a brand new doodle of me. It represents my passion for baking and being a proud Canadian blogger .It's adorable and I'll be permanently adding it to the top of my sidebar :).Thank you Krysta

Also I received a coupon this week for a free pack of Always infinity.This is a new and improved always pad with protection up to 8 hours. Along with other added features for a more trusting protection. This freebie is a great find because its definitely needed and hygiene products are sometimes very expensive for a little amount.So if any one's able to get a whole pack for free because its new on the market then that is a score in my book. I haven't yet use my coupon, but I will next time I go to the store.I am happy I get to try out this brand new product even though its during a time no women really likes.However good full protection puts that time a little at ease.

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