Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dove Conditioner + Treatment Review

Well I finally used up my Dove Conditioner Treatment sample on Sunday. I actually got 11 washes out of this small bottle for my short length hair. I think I could of even got 12 washes,if I wasn't in such a hurry in wanting to share my experiences.

This conditioner was super easy to use and goes a long way. The directions told me to use a quarter sized amount of conditioner, but I ended up being able to use a lot less for my short hair. I really like conserving products and stretching them as far as they can go. I really loved this product and its so far my favorite conditioner. From the first day to the very last day , I loved rinsing out the product because my hair felt so smooth even when wet.

I saw a big difference in my hair while washing and when fully dry.It made my hair smell really good and I definitely recognize the aroma of coconut oil. I even blow dried my hair the first couple days to see how it would hold up overall. My hair felt very lightweight and soft, along with being shiny and keeping its shape.No tangles and definitely no frizz. Overall, of 11 days of using this product my hair hasnt felt that good in a long time.It held up its bargain on everything it promised.I also really liked the sample sized bottle, Dove gave me because they are a whole lot easier to use then packets.I give two thumbs up to Dove Conditioner + treatment.

I will be definitely buying this product in the future. Dove's Face book page even has a coupon for any of their Nutri- oil care products for 2 dollars off. I saw the conditioner  treatment at Wal-mart  for about 7 dollar along with tax and I think I'll be using my coupon once its on for a lower price. This product goes a long way with less but if I can get it for less in price then that would be great.

I also just used a coupon from my last shampoo review of Garnier Frustis pure clean for 1 dollar off. I actuall bought their conditioner and using it right now.Both lovely productss

Check back again everyone!