Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Market Finds And Beach Day

Saturday afternoon I went to the yearly local Chemainus Summer Market. It was a really nice day for it but super hot as well. Me and my mom went together because we love checking out the garage sales items and jewelry is another guilty pleasure of mine, which is avid in these markets.I also love finding used baking equipment or old canisters you never find and can fix up.

My mom wasn't to lucky in finding anything she liked but I got two good jewelry finds at a great price. We all know most handmade jewelry at these markets are a pretty penny for them but I got some costume jewelry which is just as good. I scored a really pretty reddish cameo necklace and a charm necklace which I loved because it had two vintage styled keys on them. I could even remove the rest of the charms and keep the keys :). I am still scouting for a skeleton key pendent alone or on a chain. They are hard to find especially the really vintage looking ones.I am going to keep my eye open especially for giveaways that may  have them.

We stayed for a bit looking around at the market and then once we were done we ended up at a  family birthday picnic at transfer beach park.Celebrating my sister Anna and my brother- in law Brian birthday. For my sister gift I made her a black and white hemp bracelet with beads.I use to be into making hemp jewelry in the past and I guess I am back into it now. Only problem is beads can be super expensive for what they are and hemp as well;however they do look really nice and something different from the regular jewelry.Well summer is certainly here and I can see myself getting a pretty dark tan going on. I am so happy my hair is still short and I am looking forward to going swimming with friends :).

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