Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's Christmas At The Mail Box :D

The mail this week has been nonstop with gifts and samples. Yesterday, I received one of my giveaway wins, which I must keep secret for now since its an actual gift for someone :). However I can tell all of you about the freebie samples I got. 

The first sample that I got yesterday were the Moo business cards I ordered. These are now one of my favorite samples, since they let me have so much control on what I really wanted in the cards. Moo is an awesome website and their cards are so durable, efficient and have a great finish.I recommend them for anyone that needs great and reliable business cards.

If you really want to see for yourself what they are like visit, Moo. They still have their free samples to try out. Ten full sized business cards for free, including free shipping.Free sounds great doesn't it and they let you have a lot of control in either choosing a template or uploading photographs. If you want a great business card from them I say take your time and create what you will love.For me I took my time with picking each photo for those 10 cards along with being efficient as possible with the written information on the back. You don't want any spelling mistakes or awkward looking photos do you?. The camera cant capture how good they actually look, but its pretty close :).The little packet they have for the cards is so cute too :).

For today I only got one sample, but I'm not complaining that is still awesome.I received my U kotex sample, which includes one regular pad and 2 tampons(regular and super).Theses products are quite colorful in their wrappers and material. I guess they want to bring some fun to a not so great time lol.Well its an item every women needs and its really handy to get a few free to try out.Plus kotex was really thoughtful of giving a dollar off coupon to the next purchase of their products. So maybe when they have their product on sale at some store I'll get a great price.

Everyone have a great day and will see what tomorrow brings :). Then its the weekend :(

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  1. I absolutely adore Moo! That is where I get my cards done too so nicely done. I had no idea you could get free samples. Doh!


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