Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Freebie Excitement!

 I got my first freebie in the mail on Thursday since the mail strike ended and I am still using. 4 days so far of using Garnier Fructis Pure Clean sample which includes conditioner,shampoo and a 1 $ off coupon.

Its a super easy product to use and I saw quite a difference in the first wash. My hair was so lightweight and soft I kept running my fingers through it.It also made it very shiny and it smelled really good.

The great thing about this product is you get a lot with less. Ive had short hair for a while now  so I hardly use that much of this small sample  each time. I can see myself stretching this sample to 3 more days in a once a day shower.

I have tried Garnier Fructis before in the pasted and always really liked their products. I think its also thoughtful of them of moving in the direction of  more environmentally friendly  in this new shampoo and conditioner.I'll be definitely be using my coupon towards this product in the future.

 Also for more exciting news I got another freebie yesterday afternoon, but it wasn't found in the mail. It was actually delivered to the house, how special is that :). I'm very lucky that my sister was home to sign for it because I was gone at the time.

Once I got back I saw that it was the Olay celebration gift set I sent for from their Olay Canada Facebook Page. I had no idea what product I was going to get when I sent for it. So it was a surprise in a box :). I opened it and I actually got a fulled sized freebie of  Olay minimizing pore cleanser and scrub.I'm super excited to try it out and I wont let any of you hanging about how the product was for me. I'll be giving a review as I use it.Woot! I love freebies and trying out all new products.

More mail will be coming.Plus a few new recipes to share!

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