Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Today Is Full Of Vintage Items And Beauty Products. What's Not To Like?

Wow! I must be super lucky today because I received not one, but 3 gifts in the mail.Checking the mail has now become a exciting event for me to see what surprises are hidden behind each door :). Anyways before I ramble on, we all know why were here,  is to see what I got right? and what new stuff I get to try out :).

Well one of the first items I opened up was a freebie sample from Dove that I ordered a while back.It was pushed back from the mail strike imagine, but I'm so glad I actually received it. They gave me a really good sized sample of  their Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner.I haven't yet tried this product;
however I know so far that it smells really good and dove has never failed me in the past.I'm so excited to try this Dove product since I'm new to their hair products. 

They tell me this conditioner will make hair weightless, control 100% frizz and repair. Well if it can do all that in one product I will be in love with it since my hair is so heavy that I have to keep it short and frizz come around once and while for me. Plus I'm all in for repairing hair and keeping it as healthy as possible. I've never dyed my hair so I'm one step closer to keeping it alive :). I'll give everyone a heads up on how well the product is working for me

Also before I forget about it, I just remembered I was suppose to tell all of you how the olay cleanser and scrub has been working for me. Well I've been using it once sometimes twice a day for about a week now. I haven't been using my regular cleanser for acne since I got this product.So far I've notice each time I wash my face it's really smooth, feels very refreshing and I haven't noticed any worse breakouts. The smell also isn't overboard chemical either and the swirl color part of the cleanser brings some fun to it. 

For me,I have suffered with acne since I was twelve years old and age as been one of the big factors in helping it get better.I do have to give kudos to the Spectro combination cleanser for helping me go to occasional light acne. I also have to give myself a big thanks for escaping insecurity's about acne and stopping myself from using any make-up like foundations and powders for my face. No matter what the product says included words I've read countless times like oil-free or wont clog pores. Don't believe it because from my experience it didn't help it or keep it the same. 

From experience I've tried countless products in the past,so I don't expect this Olay product to wow me just yet. So far It does work for light acne, but if your someone that has moderate or worse then I recommend something else. It does work for me since my acne has died down to being pretty mundane that it wont make it any worse.

This product will be very good for someone with light acne to none at all and its really good with removing make-up including face or eye.Its all what you want in a product and I'll try out anything to see how it works.In the end I'll stick with my trusty cleanser that has got me this far in my skin. I know how it feels to battle skin conditions and I probably will for a little bit longer.

On to another great gift I received. These items were an actual giveaway I won at B. Inspiredmama. I love anything vintage especially kitchen wear, women 50-60's clothing or decorative pieces.So this definitely was a contest I was interested in entering.For winning the giveaway I got to pick not one but two items to be sent to me. I was so excited to look through her etsy shop and pick. The items I chose were two decorated pieces of a Florida orange cutting board(top) and adorable dutch boy and girl with stand(down below).

I love the cutting board because I'm passionate about anything cooking and baking and I'm part dutch so the boy and girl decoration is a little closer to me personally:). These two items will be great decorative pieces and I'm excited to take them with me when I move out one day. They be so cute as kitchen decorations.For now they are a room decoration :).

Thank you Krissy. The items finally arrived after that mail strike happened here in Canada.The items are wonderful and thanks for the 10% off code. I have a big thing for vintage cookie jars especially 50s- 60s so once I see something in your shop for that I might buy it and use my 10% off. Big thank you and my family really likes the dutch children stand :) We all wanted to know if you knew how old it really was?Great job on all the great vintage items that you find.

Everyone have a great day and week. I'll be probably back posting again. It's all about what's in the mail tomorrow and the next :).

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