Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy 101 Award

Thank you Living Food Junkie for the Happy 101 Award.

How does Happy 101 work?
  • List 10 things that make you happy
  • Then pass on the award to 10 blogs that make you happy. Link each blog and be sure to notify them.
Top Ten List Of Happiness

 1.Baking/Cooking:People say were allowed to have one addiction in life and what they mean by that is were allowed to have something were purely passionate about that is positive to us. I have chosen what my addiction is, but have you?. Baking has always brought me to positive heights when I am feeling low and it has never let me down.

 2.Writing:Its a place to express my creativity and ultimately say my direct points of view that I am trying to get across that would be difficult to speak. Writing is easier to get the idea out because you can actually explain more thoroughly and have view upon views. Its actually helps destroy the way of  thinking in black and white. It doesn't exist that humans agree on something 100% and the more people understand that the matter. Writing has always been a place where I can say something more passionately and understanding.

 3.Photography:Photos are another way to express my creativity in food and feel as though your tasting the food with your own eyes.Photos bring more life to the blog and help directly explain parts in appearance of the piece. I love how the objects being captured through photos can change so quickly in appearance by distance, close up or lighting. Pictures can captured great detail, color and flaw, which come together in incredible beauty.

 4.Blogging:Blogging is pretty much writing along with an audience;however with blogs you probably wouldn't write exactly as you would in a private journal depending on people preferences on the blogging world. My blog is my way to share my adventures and experiences in baking with an audience.It funny, "The Art Of Baking" is just a blog and not a person; however it actually pushes me somehow to post every time I bake something. In a way its at the back of my head telling me you have to post about that cookie, or cake. Its helping me challenge myself and not give up on something positive. 
David & Me ( Prom 2008)
5.David:My boyfriend for more then 2 year gives me great happiness and I would not be the same person without him.He is the very person that told me I should create my own blog and encourages me to follow through with my creativity.I love him very much and I hope were together forever.

Me,Chrissy And Krysta(July 2010,Krysta 19th Birthday)
6.Friends:Friends are something you definitely need in life to make it a little less lonely and bring a little bit more laughter. My friends always bring a smile to my face and keep me laughing.A friend of mine definitely has to have a sense of humor and not over dramatic about jokes.

7.Chocolate:This is my sweet addiction of all time.Chocolate and anything baking with chocolate. Its probably one of the reasons why  I like baking because there are so many recipes with chocolate involved.

8.Food Network:I love some of the show on this channel such as chef at home,diner,drive- in and dives, unwrapped, sugar etc. Sadly I don't have this channel so the only time I can watch this network is when I over at David's. I am happy food network puts their recipes online and then I am able to try them out.

9.Recipe Books:I started a book collection a few years ago, which is so far over 30 books. There are a couple where I haven't even used the recipes and some I use all the time.I love receiving different kinds of cultured recipe books and ones about baking. Recently I have been looking into finding a really good Chinese recipe book that is translated well.I want to learn to make some Chinese cuisine and other cultured food.


10.Food:I cannot forget about this one. I love food and trying out different cultured food. It's what keeps us alive and give us energy;however food is in the world of creative art as well.I love the world of baking and bringing your own creativity to the piece.There are directions of course to follow, but a cake can ultimately be your own creative decoration and masterpiece.

Top Ten List of Blog Happiness

Blogs that I enjoy to read and follow. I pass down "Happy 101 Award" to you for always bringing happiness to me.


  1. Your welcome! Your top 10 happy things is great. Remember to award yourself the versatile blogger award as well. I didn't list 10 blogs under that award because I knew quite a few people had been awarded it already :)

  2. Aw lovely list. It's great to hear about so many things that make you happy and I'm honored to be included on this list of blogs. Can't wait to see more of your blog and check out these other ones on the list :).


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