Sunday, August 29, 2010

Which Blog Comment System Do You Like?


I have just recently been looking into new comment systems for my blog that can integrate with blogger.I have noticed google/blogger comment box doesn't have somethings that would be beneficial to bloggers such as direct reply to comments and added bonuses from other systems. In the future, maybe blogger will have some really great updates for the comment box that will make it even easier to keep in contact with follow readers.

So far from what Ive researched there are 3 different systems that can integrate with blogger and other blog systems. I tried two of the three systems on my blog. One was intense debate, which has really great features, but somehow it didn't work for me and caused errors.Then I also tried dique comment system, it installed quickly,simple to follow and had extra  features I could chose to add. When I installed the system to blogger it did make all my previous comments disappear, but I was insured it doesn't actually delete any of the comments .It advised me that I had to revisit my account and import my old comments. It said it takes about an hour or so to import the comments depending how many you have on your blog. My blog had about more then 20 comments and it didn't take that long at all. After that it was perfectly running and looking great.

Disque is my choice for a better comment system, but I might try out intensedebate again and see if it works since it has more features.

For all my follow readers and newcomers.My comment system is relatively simple to follow and I can now directly reply to your comments.I hope this system makes it more fun and simpler for everyone.