Monday, August 30, 2010

Try Out Some Whole Wheat Pizza

I have always wanted to try out a whole wheat pizza dough so I altered my "Fermipan pizza" recipe. I doubled the dough up for two large round pizzas and put half of each flour( whole wheat and all purpose). The recipe was still easy as ever and adding whole wheat cause no issues. The dough risen beautifully and the color of the whole wheat gave a great rustic look. 

Do you prefer 100% whole wheat dough or a combination?

For me, I prefer the look of whole wheat then all purpose flour;however white flour really helps with preventing the dough becoming to crunchy and chewy. Whole wheat really bring more flavor to pizza and I can imagine it tasting really good the next day.I cant wait to try some and have all the flavor absorbed into the pizza dough.

Does anyone else like pizza the next day or find that its better?

I made two of the same pizzas and I pretty much threw everything at them, but the kitchen sink. I used up anything from the fridge that could be used as a topping.The toppings included chicken,onion,green/red pepper,mushrooms,pineapple,seasoned tomato sauce,olives,cheddar cheese and feta. It was a good combination of toppings and brought great color contrast.

What's your favorite pizza topping? 
What do you add if you don't have typical pizza toppings?

I would love one day to try out some new pizza dough recipes beside the ones I always use.I recommend though this recipe because its a simple and fool proof pizza dough. Enjoy.

What I Did:
  • Doubled the original recipe for 2 large round pizza.
  • For doubled recipe,I added 2 cups(500ml) all purpose flour and 2 cups(500ml) whole wheat.
  • Added my own toppings.

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