Friday, August 27, 2010

Blueberry Delights

 Since the beginning of the summer ,I have been looking into buying a tart pan so I could try out all these wondering recipes I have seen.So guess what? I found a medium size tart pan at a thrift store for only $2.It was definitely a great find and was in great shape.All it needed was some hand washing and it was good as new.

There is also something else,I went back to the same place again later in august and I found 2 large tart pans for 1.50 each and ended up getting them 2 for one.The tart pans weren't as good in shape and had small rusty marks here and there,but perfectly usable.When your looking for cheaper items that have been peruse, you have to take some negative and make a decision if it really makes much difference to brand new product.

I really like finding baking equipment at thrift stores because its seem more of an accomplishment to look through and find something great in the end.Sometimes you don't, but it really pays to look around because you never know what may be lurking under something. I haven't yet use the larger tart pans yet;however Ive used a mini muffin pan bought in the past for "blackberry muffins" and the medium tart pan for this recipe.

This "Blueberry Tart" is pretty easy to make and there is no baking involved. However just because its has those qualities doesn't mean people cant make small mistakes. I made a small mistake in this recipe with the filling.I added the water and cornstarch to early and ended up cooking the starch.If you don't know what happens when you do that, well lets just say it leaves large white chunks behind :S. I tried to get as much of the chunks out of the sauce that were visible to me,but there were smaller pieces leftover in the tart .The tart was perfectly good in the pastry and the filling was really good despite the small chunks of cornstarch. I felt really bummed when that happened, but I'm glad the filling wasn't totally ruined where it couldn't be eaten.

The base of the tart came out wonderfully through and was a non-baked pastry. It was a pastry made by chilling it in the freezer and then adding the blueberry filling made with a saucepan. The recipe was for one 9inch tart pan with a removable bottom;however the pan I had was smaller with removable bottom.So with having something smaller I ended up having extra crust.So I decided to make two blueberry tarts with my new pan and one with a 9inch spring form pan with a pretty thin crust.The only issue with having two tarts was I had to make another batch of blueberry filling,which wasn't a problem because recently my family went to a u-pick blueberry farm and got  a lot of berries.The second batch of blueberry filling came out perfectly because I learned my lesson to let the sauce cool down and simmer.

The pastry was very crumbly and buttery and along side it was a great combination of blueberries with a very smooth, thick and sweet sauce.It's definitely a good summer treat to serve at BBQ or a outside party.Its a crowd pleaser with its beautiful appearance and rich color. These tarts can have any sort of fruit added to them, such as blackberries,raspberries, strawberries etc.Blueberries may be blue, but they certainly give off a a purple like shade which is my favorite color. I really like this recipe and I recommend trying it out yourself.

What I Did
  • Eliminated lemon zest.

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