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My Free Kernels Popcorn Seasonings

Just yesterday, I used my virtual gift card that I won for Kernel's popcorn. I ended up spending the whole amount and got $30 dollars worth of seasonings, which got me 9 flavor shakers.The girls working their were really nice and very helpful.They even let me taste test some of the popcorn flavors they had, which made it way easier to choose.They even recommended certain kinds that they really liked. I ended up choosing 9 different flavors, which were dill, krazy ketchup,BBQ, sour cream cheddar and onion,salt & vinegar,all dressed,jalapeno jack,white cheddar and butter salt.Lots of flavors as you can see and I tried three of them just last night.

The krazy ketchup was really good and I didn't even need to sprinkle on that much for the full effect. The more you added, the stronger the flavor and it also smelled exactly like ketchup chips.Now so far this is my favorite and brings something new to the basic popcorn.I didn't even need to add any extra salt.All I did was drizzle on some melted margarine and sprinkled on the seasoning to my liking. If you love ketchup chips just like I do then you will love this seasoning.

The second one was white cheddar and I've tried this kind of popcorn flavor before.This one was really good as well.It wasn't overly strong and just had the right balance in flavor for the popcorn.One person in my family said this was their favorite.I say it gives that little bit of flavor to your popcorn without being overbearing or to salty.

The last one I tired was jalapeno jack, which reminds me a lot of this Havarti cheese that has jalapeno in it that I really like. This cheese wasn't at all hot and had just the right balance in spice, which is exactly how this seasoning was.With this spice your able to get all that flavor without all the hotness, which am a big fan of since I hate hot foods.So I recommend this one for people that want the flavor and not the hot.

So these are the three seasoning that I've tried so far and I will be trying out some new ones tonight. Also,What Kernel's seasoning have you tried and what are your favorites? Please share...... Anyways,everyone have a great day and will meet again.
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