Saturday, March 03, 2012

Last Three Kernel's Popcorn Seasonings

 Last night, I tried out the last three Kernel's Popcorn seasonings,which were BBQ,butter salt and Salt and vinegar.So far I've loved all the seasonings and these last three are also part of the group.

The first one I taste tested was the BBQ seasoning.Everyone seemed to really like the BBQ. It had a really nice smokey flavor without being unbearable or to spicy.It paired so well with the popcorn, maybe even better then any of the other seasonings I've tried. It was eaten so quickly that I had to make another batch of it for everyone.I can see this seasoning being the first to go.

The second one I tried was the salt and vinegar.This was quite strong in scent;however the flavor wasn't at all over powering.Your able to sprinkle on quite a bit without bothering your sinuses.This one tasted very similar to the potato chips, just not as strong.It was really good.It had a good balance between the salt and the vinegar.I've never tried this seasoning on popcorn before so it was a very different experience in flavor and texture.

The very last one I tried was the butter salt seasoning.This is their pretty basic seasoning and it was very salty. You have to be so careful with how much you sprinkle on and I over seasoned my batch. It actually reminded me of over seasoned theater popcorn and I'm not a big fan of that kind of popcorn.It did however have a nice buttery flavor. It was just a little too salty for me.
Now were down to zero seasonings to review. I had a lot of fun taste testing and I'm very thankful for winning a gift card from Kernel's Popcorn to purchase all these great seasonings.I will now have them for quite while and I hope to use them for other foods besides popcorn. I might even plan to use them for homemade potato chips once I get a mandolin.So anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed the reviews and to have a great weekend.