Friday, March 02, 2012

More Kernels Seasonings To Be Taste Tested!

Last night, I tried three more Kernels popcorn seasonings, which include all dressed,dill and sour cream cheddar and onion.All were very different of course and all very good in their own way.

The first seasoning I tried was sour cream, cheddar and onion, which I used for a batch of popcorn for my dad. This one seasoning that I got was actually half full when I got it and when I noticed this, it was very disappointing;however I can't complain since I got it free with a gift card.This seasoning was very good and very similar to the potato chip flavor. It also wasn't that strong compared to the other two flavors that I tried .Your able to sprinkle on quite a bit without it being unbearable. I can also see using this seasoning and others to make homemade potato chips.

The second one chosen was dill seasoning,which me and my sister tried together. We came to realize in the beginning that it was very strong in scent and flavor.We tried a small amount of the popcorn and our sinuses were heavily affected and we began to cough.We may of even widen our eyes and made a sour face.However after tossing the popcorn a little more and getting use to the dill seasoning, we began really enjoying the strong flavor.It actually tasted like dill pickle chips as popcorn.The actual weird part about the seasoning is I would have thought it include specks of green throughout it to represent the dill.So by my pictures you cant tell if its dill or not, but by smell you definitely can even far away.

The last seasoning I tired was all dressed.This is also very similar to the potato chip flavor.It was very strong in scent and flavor.However with the potato chips your able to handle the strong flavor a lot better then it being used for popcorn.With this seasoning you have to be really careful with how much you sprinkle on to the amount of popcorn.For my batch in the picture I put on way to much and it became a struggle to eat it all.I had to eat one piece at a time and drink a lot to help myself finish.I learned if you add to much it actually irritates your throat and you begin to cough. Overall, I really like the all -dressed and I have learned to use less.

Now I have three more left to try out! Be back soon.