Thursday, March 22, 2012

An A+ Carrot Banana Bread Recipe

Beginning of this week, I was craving moist banana bread and carrot cake.So guess what? I found a 5 1/2 star recipe for Carrot Banana Bread on All Recipes. I struck some luck in finding this combo of ingredients and easy direction recipe.

There wasn't much to even change about this recipe. Beside doubling the recipe to make more delicious bread and eliminating the pecans.It was super easy to double everything and you can very well add any extra textures you want such as the pecans.It had easy to follow directions such as mixing the oil,egg and sugar in a large bowl and then mixing all the dry ingredients in a medium bowl.Then from their I had to slowly add the dry mix into the creamed mixture alternately with the mashed banana.Then stirring in the grated carrot.Pretty easy concept to follow and I can make a pretty awesome banana bread compare to muffins.

It an excellent recipe and you will see that many say the same thing on the recipe comments.This is a slightly different banana bread for flavor and texture.Its has a lot of moisture from both the banana and carrot along with the eggs as well,which is a great positive for the quick bread.Everyone wants a moist flavorful quick bread and this recipe delivers. 

The banana takes on the most flavor, which is expected.However you do notice the flavor of the carrot, the more you eat it.The colder it gets the more you notice it and the cinnamon helps enhance that flavor.The carrot also bring some great vibrant color once you slice up the bread.Even if you don't like carrot and love banana bread.Try it?I give it an A+ for direction,ingredients, flavor and texture.