Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Great Deal On VH Steamers + Shanghai Ginger Beef Review

Recently, I received a Buy One Get One Free coupon for VH Steamers and It was actually the same day I got the deal for Kashi Crackers. For this deal,I first checked out the price for one steamer and it was about $3.50 for one.However I noticed in a Thrifty foods flyer they had them on for $2.99.So I kept that flyer and I price matched the product.I chose to get the Shanghai Ginger Beef and Teriyaki Chicken. I ended up with a lower price for one and the second free with the coupon.It was a pretty good deal since  most convenient products are pretty expensive and I was there just when the steamers were on for a good price.

When I got home, me and my sister tried out the VH Steamers.I had the Shanghai Ginger Beef and she had the Teriyaki Chicken.They were a frozen meal so all we had to do was remove the container from the box and microwave them about 3 1/2- 4 minutes.Now these bowl structures have two layers.One is a streamer that has the food substance and the second layer is the bowl containing the sauce.Once it was done steaming we peeled off the seal,lifted the streamer out and poured the veggies,rice,and meat mixture into the second layer to mix in the sauce. 

For One VH steamers I got a pretty small amount of food for regular price.The amount of food was actually smaller then the second layer bowl.However for this size I think it would be great as an entree or a quick lunch for one.Beside having a small amount as its negative aspect.The product actually tastes really good.

For me I tried the Ginger Beef streamer and I loved the flavor.It was a little overpowering at times with the ginger,but I'm pretty sensitive to heat.The veggies,rice and beef were soft and nothing was undercooked;however I would of like some other textures involved.I was also impressed that this meal had about 9 to 10 pieces of  beef, which is surprising in most microwavable meals because you always want more of the main ingredient.My sister had the same for her chicken.I didn't get to try hers, but her thoughts were that it was easy to make,great flavor and wish she had more because it's so really good.

For VH Steamers,I do give a high rate for simplicity and great flavor. Its only downfall would be its amount and regular price, but I know its a convenient item so the price will go up.However I would like to see a convenient meal that's a good price,good tasting and large amounts.If you want to try this product I would recommend finding it on sale or if your lucky as me try to find a coupon.VH Steamers taste great, but I wouldn't buy them on a regular basis.