Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Great Sale Find Of Kashi Snack Crackers + Review

Just recently I received a $2.00 off coupon for Kashi Pita Crisps or Crackers in the mail.On that day I went to Wal-mart and to my surprise these products were on sale for about $2.90.So they only cost a little over 90 cents with the coupon.Now these were definitely on sale and were coming off the shelves quickly.So the regular price is probably a little steep, but if with a $2.00 off coupon its a pretty good find, especially on sale.I got lucky with my coupon coming at the right time!

Now at the time there were only 3 flavors, Regular Pita crisps,whole grain crackers and Fire Roasted Vegetables crackers. I chose the third one because I like some flavor on my crackers and it was a bigger box for the same price.

The Fire Roasted Vegetables Crackers were crunchy and not to thick.They had a really strong scent to them and were savory,salty and quite peppery.Kashi did a great job of infusing the roasted veggie flavor into these crackers.There was lots of flavors for your taste buds,including cherry tomato,onion, and green pepper.They were a little hot at times,but I know I'm pretty sensitive to any heat.Besides that they were really good and If I have a drink by my side I can eat the whole box to my self.Now I won't do that because these flavors would most likely become over powering so its good to take your time.These cracker were addicting and only lasted a few hours here. 

Now The $2.00 off coupons I used isn't on right now.But Kashi Facebook Page seems to always have coupons up for something on a regular basis.