Saturday, March 03, 2012

Made My Own Doughnut Muffins

I recently made spiced doughnut muffins, which are very similar to old fashion donuts.I made these using a recipe I had from a high school cooking course.I've made this recipe before in school and haven't yet review it here.So I thought I share it with all of you.

The recipe has simple ingredients and a short duration to make it.The measurements may be a pain for some, since the metric numbers in the recipe don't exactly convert evenly to imperial.When I made these muffins I doubled the recipe to make 24 muffins;however I left the recipe below as the original to make 12. I also edited the recipe to make the directions more clear to everyone.

For me I have always had trouble making muffin and I tend to avoid them.Why? you say. Well they never turn out the right appearance that a muffin should be and I tend to get tunnels. I know what people will say.Don't over mix or under mix, but mostly don't over mix.This is easier said then done.The muffin method you need to follow. Well yet again in this recipe I had over mixing and tunnels, but I do have a good explanation why this came about. I did make sure to fold the wet ingredients into the dry;however what happen was the baking powder began clumping up and right then and there I knew I should of sifted it in.So I tried my best to mix in the powder without over mixing and that came to be impossible.So I knew it was now over mixed and we see how it would come out.

Well my muffins came out to have peaks with flat edges and tunnels.So then I learned that I will have to sift the dry ingredients all together next time and try my best to not over-mix.Even though the appearance didn't come out the way I wanted, the flavor certainly made these muffins delicious.

The flavors included nutmeg,cinnamon and all spice.These spice combinations are very strong and teamed well together.They created a muffin that tasted like a baked doughnut and the sugary outside brought a great outside sweet texture.It may of been messy to eat, but was very good.Also,the texture was very moist,crumbly and dense.If they came out perfect in appearance then the texture would be even better. These are also very good cold and the next day. I can even see these as mini muffins,which would make them even more deadly.

Overall, it was a simple recipe.It wasn't exactly the perfect recipe for me, but I've learned what not to do and I shall try this recipe again to get it right. However I do recommend for everyone to try this recipe out because I've seen it done right and they are very good. Anyways,everyone have a great day!

Spiced Doughnut Muffins 
(Adapted from Cinnamon Doughnut Muffins)
Makes 12 muffins

435ml all purpose flour
7ml baking powder
2ml salt
2ml nutmeg
1ml cinnamon
185ml granulated sugar
85ml oil
1 egg
185ml milk


50ml margarine
85ml white sugar
All spice.

Preheat oven to 350F

Mix flour,baking powder,salt,nutmeg and cinnamon together in a large bowl. (Sift if necessary,especially if baking powder looks a little chunky)

Make a well in the dry mix

Crack egg in medium bowl,whisk.

Measure milk in liquid measure and add oil.

Add the milk mixture to the eggs.After add granulated sugar,whisk.

Pour liquid into well,fold, until just combined.

Grease or line a regular muffin tin.Full each cup 3/4 full.
Bake for 20-25 minutes.Until risen, touch test and toothpick test.


Melt margarine in a small bowl.

Mix sugar and spices on a plate.

Dip muffins in the melted margarine and then coat with the sugar mixture.If using liners, coat top.Without liners completely coat muffins.