Friday, March 30, 2012

Making Delcious Lemon Bars

I've been on a baking craze since I got free baking ingredients with my gift card.This time I made a large batch of these lemon bars and they were super easy to make. I only made a couple changes in the recipe so it would work for me.All I did was use hard margarine instead of butter for the crust and eliminated lemon zest for the filling.

It was a pretty basic bar with a thick, flaky crunchy sugar crust.The flavor was sweet and slightly buttery.The filling was smooth and light at room temp and overtime in the fridge the layer became thicker.However I noticed that if it sits out for a few minutes the layer begins to become moist again.The flavor wasn't that strong of lemon;however If I were of added the lemon zest it would of been more prominent.It also had a good balance of sweetness against the crust.Its basically a preference if you want really strong or a simple balance of flavors.

These bars were super delicious and I have to warn people that they are super addicting.They are good at room temp,cold and seem to absorb more flavor overtime.Its definitely a quick dessert to serve and to help use up your lemons.I have to give an A+ to this recipe from Robin Hood.

Anyways,this seemed to be a short recipe review. I guess I'm into a summary writing mood.Well everyone have a great day and be sure to come back to see my review on Love With Food Box Sample.