Friday, April 02, 2010

Cheese Muffins

Yesterday night, I really wanted to bake something that was quick and cheesy.Then I thought how about muffins and I pictured in my head some Cheese Muffins.These are great for breakfast,lunch,dinner and a snack.If you like something cheesy, this is the recipe for you to try out.

This cheese muffin recipe comes from one of my high school food courses. The recipe is very easy to follow in directions and quick to make.The cheese muffin texture is a mixture of chewy,
crunchy,tender and soft. Along with its great combination of savory,salty,cheesy, and spicy flavours.

I absolutely love these cheese muffins with soup, as a sidedish, or just as a midnight snack.I think you follow bakers out there will love them too.So try it out for yourself and add your own unique spicys and ingredients to the already wonderful cheese muffins.

What I Did:
  • Use chopped green onion instead of white cooking onion

Cheese Muffins ( Written By Berendina Dykema, Grade 11 Cooking Course)

500ml flour
50ml sugar
1ml salt
20 ml baking powder
1 egg
50ml oil
250ml milk
100ml cheese
25ml diced onion

1. Preheat oven 400F.
2. Mix flour, sugar, salt,& baking powder in med bowl.
3. Grate cheese, dice onion, add to dry.
4. Make well in dry ingredients.
5. Add beaten egg, oil and milk to well, mix only 15-20 times.
6. Grease muffin tin or use liners, pour into tin.
7. Bake 15+ minutes,golden brown.

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